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Before I started coaching with Deanna, I was struggling with a massive project that felt overwhelming. The complexity and scale of the project were daunting, and I was stuck, unsure of how to proceed effectively.
The most challenging part was feeling like there were steps to take that were out of my wheelhouse and I wasn’t moving forward.
If I had continued down the path it would have taken me a lot longer to reach the finish line.
My biggest insight or lesson I learned during our coaching was when in doubt hire an expert!
And this empowered me to ground my time since I had much needed accountability to get this project done.

As a result, I have completed a massive project and I am ready to monetize it… finally!

The thing about Deanna is that she has an incredible ability to simplify complex situations. Her methodical and calm approach was exactly what I needed. She didn’t just provide generic advice but offered tailored strategies that fit my specific project and working style.

And this was valuable to me because it aligned perfectly with my needs. Her strategies were not just theoretical but highly practical and immediately applicable. This practicality was crucial in transforming my overwhelming project into a manageable and successful endeavor.

I’d recommend Deanna because she excels at turning overwhelming situations into achievable successes. Her skills in breaking down complex tasks, coupled with her supportive and insightful coaching style, make her an invaluable asset for anyone facing daunting projects or challenging professional situations and wants to see themselves cross the finish line.

J.L. August

I would have never known I could outsource this so inexpensively and get such fast results.

I was looking to increase my outreach and community on social media but, didn’t have the time or inclination to do it myself.

Deanna shared an outsourcing strategy with me in 5 minutes that allowed me to delegate 2 social media tasks to a freelancer for just $10.

In just 2 days my Facebook Likes have grown by 466 and my Twitter followers have grown by
over 2000. Crazy!

I would have never known I could outsource this so inexpensively and get such fast results.

Thanks Deanna!

Steven Fulmer

Human Strategist,

“I have so many ideas of what I would like to do and implement, I was lost in it all and did not know what I needed to be doing to get started.”

Deanna has helped me get clear on all the different facets of my business, organize my ideas, and has assisted me work out what my priorities need to be. She is great at keeping me on track and assisting me take each step as I need to…. We spend time focusing on the bigger picture and also the tasks I need to do to get there.

Deanna has a wealth of knowledge and has so many tools to assist with business and marketing systems. She has helped me stay focused, on track and out of overwhelm. I would not hesitate recommending her to any business owner that needs assistance.


I was feeling insecure about how to grow my business.

I was frustrated not knowing if I was on track and not having someone to talk to about how to grow my business.

Then I worked hired Deanna and now I’m feeling on track.

I’m not lost and I’m going in the right direction.

I have clear priorities, a plan, and I know what needs to be taken care of first to get the clients I want.

Christina Jaderholm

Before I came to Deanna’s talk I wasn’t sure how to begin building my team. I’m opening a preschool and want to do it right the first time – I know that my team will make all the difference. But where to start?

During her talk I learned that there are intentional cues that I can use when crafting a job posting and that I can easily streamline my ‘weeding out’ process of applicants in order to find the perfect addition to my team.

I thought Deanna’s talk was valuable because I am new to business ownership and I really believe that having someone with such experience provide guidance is key to being successful.

The #1 thing I’ll remember from the talk is that each team member should add value to the business and take work off my plate – not add to it.

Deanna is intentional, engaging, and thought-provoking.

If you’re trying to decide if Deanna’s is the right fit to speak at your event I’d say Deanna can help. No matter how skilled you are as an individual, your team is an incredibly important aspect of your business. Harnessing that potential is critical.

Thanks Deanna!

Niki Johnson


Working with Deanna has helped me to kick start my coaching practice.

She helped me to put together a 28 day plan.

And the best part is Deanna cares….

Working with Deanna has given me the confidence to believe in myself.

Hire her – she will get you results!!!


Jason Baer

I HATED the way I was managing my inbox, using it as a never ending to-do list instead of an inbox.

After hearing Deanna speak, I set a goal for myself that I would have a clean inbox at the end of every work day at my corporate job. I have been doing this for a week now, following Deanna’s guidelines.

Next, I will implement this for my personal and small business inbox.

I believe managing my inbox differently will save me both time and stress.

I loved how Deanna broke down information into real, actionable tasks I can accomplish.

Deanna has great knowledge and passion about what she teaches; I definitely recommend her!


Jennifer Vickerman

I was feeling so frustrated. I had been diligently offering consultations to new prospects but, lately they had not been successful.

Then I worked with Deanna and now I’m feeling confident and sure of my skills.

The first time I used what I learned with Deanna I had a 400% improvement in my results.

The material she shared was very relevant, practical and powerful.

I also appreciate how generously she shared her own experiences and encouraged me.

Becca Pronchick

DrJenniferCurtissInitially, I wanted some guidance on how to increase my patient load and my income.

I knew I had to start prioritizing networking and marketing in a new way while running my business part-time.

Working with Deanna, I’ve reduced my stress tremendously and seen a stress reduction for my whole family.

Dr. Jennifer Curtiss

I joined Deanna’s workshop hoping to learn how to complete my work faster and easier.

Initially, I was concerned about not getting enough context to fully grasp the concepts.

However, Deanna’s genuine nature and supportive approach quickly became my favorite aspects of the training.

Since attending, I’ve become more proactive in experimenting with AI, a shift that positions me at the forefront of technology adoption, enhancing my ability to assist others.

What caught me off guard was the sheer volume of AI tools available, a testament to the evolving landscape Deanna navigates us through.

I’d recommend her to anyone eager to simplify their professional life with automation.

Deanna, your authentic support is a game-changer; keep empowering us to embrace these advancements!”

Ryan Pranger

MBA, SHRM-CP, InvigorateHR

“I jumped into Deanna’s workshop because I was super curious about AI, wanting to dig into its resources and figure out how to navigate through different platforms.

The real deal for me was Deanna’s deep dive into AI her knowledge and fire for the subject are just contagious.

Since wrapping up, I’ve noticed I’m hitting the mark way more with my results, which is a game-changer for my efficiency and effectiveness.

What really threw me for a loop was the level of detail you can get by tweaking your prompts just right with what Deanna shared with us.

Deanna’s a must for anyone looking to get the lowdown on AI.

And, Deanna, a massive shoutout to you – thanks a ton!”


Attending Deanna’s AI workshop was incredibly helpful and transformative.

The focus on leveraging AI in my daily work, combined with Deanna’s passionate teaching, made complex concepts accessible and applicable.

Before the workshop, the thought of integrating AI into my work at Invigorate HR seemed daunting.

However, Deanna’s approachable method and the emphasis on effective prompt crafting eased my apprehensions.

I realized AI could streamline our processes and boost efficiency, all while being surprisingly user-friendly.

I highly recommend Deanna’s workshop to anyone looking to enhance their business practices, regardless of their tech savviness.

The significant reduction in stress and the newfound efficiency in my daily work are testaments to the workshop’s impact.

Deanna bridges the gap between advanced technology and practicality, making her insights invaluable.

Erin Hansert

Invigorate HR

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